Mom and Dad,

This is where you’ll find the inner workings of our youth ministry. We’ll give you an inside look at why we do what we do because if anything…we do youth ministry very differently from most traditional youth groups and we do it very strategically. Here are our top three goals for our youth ministry.

1. Relationships:  We believe in healthy relationships between kids as friends and adults as mentors may be the most important thing for your child. We know every kid builds relationships differently so at every Rondayvoo we provide many different avenues for your child to connect with other teens and our adult staff.

2. Trips:  Something amazing happens when kids are taken out of their normal schedules and comfort zones. It seems to be where we see the most growth and decisions made. It’s why we offer multiple opportunities for your child to get out of this valley with us.

3. Entertaining Relevance:  Kids want to be entertained. You probably knew that already but even Jesus entertained crowds and we believe entertainment is important. We want to prove to kids that Jesus is not boring and neither is following Him. We also want to be relevant. There’s nothing wrong with teaching through the book of Leviticus but we’d rather spend the short amount of time we have with your kids teaching them the things they can apply to their everyday lives.