Each week, numerous volunteers offer their time to pull off the service and programs at RealLife. We have folks who hold babies, pass out bulletins and offer a warm welcome. Others serve behind the scenes on sound and lights, setting up the entire campus or  leading a group during the week. Whatever it is, it all matters.

By joining a serving team, you’ll have the opportunity to take steps with God, use the gifts He’s given you and build new relationships with people. Our serving teams are essential to what God is doing at RealLife. Without our volunteers partnering with the vision and filling these roles, we literally would not be able to reach people who are far from God in the Lake Chelan Valley.

Do you have a desire to serve at RealLife, either for the first time or in an additional role? Do you need more information about a specific opportunity?

 A few great first serving opportunities include

•  RealKids Children’s Ministry [Nursery helpers, Teachers, Check-In]
•  First Impressions [Greeter, Usher, Coffee, Info Area, Set-up, Parking]
•  Worship & Production [Worship and Technical Arts]
•  RealLife Groups
•  Community Service Events

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